Buzz (2016)

A codependent woman's life is disrupted when her servile best friend wants to move out of their isolated mountain home to be with a man. She hatches an unusual plan to ensure she will never be alone.

Directed by Mitch Magee. Written by and starring Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe. 


"When we set out to write "Buzz", we were interested in exploring close-knit female friendships and how they are impacted by divergent life decisions. Our protagonist, Georgette, is threatened by her roommate’s desire to move out of their mountain home to live with her boyfriend. Georgette refuses to accept this pending rift and takes drastic steps to ensure her best friend will never leave her. Additionally “Buzz” explores the complicated power dynamics in female friendships through the subtle, and not so subtle, ways Georgette manipulates her seemingly servile best friend -- who, unbeknownst to Georgette, actually has the upper hand."

-Dawn Luebbe and Jocelyn DeBoer
Writers and Executive Producers of "Buzz"

Produced by Nate Vaughan and Alpen Pictures with Gulp Splash Productions.